Dilaps Claim

Dilaps Claim?

FriendlyDilapsAdviceDo you have a dilaps claim on a pub, office, warehouse, shop or other commercial building?

Dilaps claims are costly - a free phone call today 0800 298 5424 to our Dilapidation Surveyors will not only save you money but time too.

Dilaps are as certain today as death and taxes - don't delay call our friendly Dilaps Surveyors today we are here to help You.

Protection from future Dilaps claims - limit your Dilaps liability with a Schedule of Condition - call us Now we will explain more about how we can save you money.


Why our Dilaps Surveyors provide You a fast, comprehensive service

1. Experience

Our Dilaps Surveyors have many, many years of experience with all Eras, types and styles of commercial property

2. Big or small premises we can help

Big or small premises our Dilapidations Surveyors will help You whatever the size of your business premises you can be left with a very large bill we will reduce your dilaps claim 

3. Independent Surveyors

We are independent Surveyors not tied in with any financial institution, freeholder or Management Company so 100% have your best interests at heart 

4. Support – as much as you require

Our Dilaps Surveyors can help you as much or as little as you wish from strategic advice to negotiating, project managing and should the matter go to court attending the court hearing. 

5. Example Schedules of Condition

We provide you with examples of our Schedules of Condition and Dilaps Strategic Advice Reports so you can see the quality of our reports.

6. Helpful Dilaps Information

We can help guide you through the dilapidations process with the various time perimeters within the Protocol as well as ways of working, for example a Dilapidations claim should be served 56 days after termination of the lease and the response being within 56 days of receiving the Dilapidations claim.  

7. Landlord or Tenant we can help you

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant Dilaps Surveyors can help providing expert advice and the best Schedule of Condition money can buy.

8. Latest surveying technology

Dont delay call our Surveyors todayAll our Dilaps Surveyors use the latest surveying technology to ensure accurate analysis of problem areas of a building. We use the latest thermal imaging cameras to inspect areas where there are defects and aerial view 360 photos are taken to view areas, which are hidden or difficult to view.