Dilaps Claims

Have you been served a Dilapidations claim? or are you worried about costly Dilapidations?

If you are a tenant/leaseholder/business owner we can help you both before and when you get a dilaps claim whether it is thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Our experience with Dilaps claims and expertise with leases, dilapidations and schedules of condition mean we understand how best to help you.  

We can save you time and money with Dilaps.

On the next few pages we will explain what Dilapidations are and what they mean for you.


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Agreed Schedule of Condition

Served Dilaps Notice

Dilaps Settlement


Are you about to take on a lease?

Are you a leaseholder nearing the end of your lease?

Our Chartered Surveyors are experienced in Dilaps and can help with Pre-Lease Schedules which can save you money.  A Schedule of Condition helps to limit your liability at the end of a lease where with a Full Repairing and Insuring lease, known as a FRI lease, you are liable to carry out repairs and maintenance on the property.

Our Schedules of Condition are comprehensive detailing the property from roof top to foundation and from ceiling to floor.  We include many high quality photographs to ensure that the record of the property is clear and are always happy to meet you at the property to discuss any issues.


Dilaps can be a nightmare!

With a Schedule we not only save you money but relieve the headache often associated with Dilaps too.

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