Dilaps Restrictions and Regulations


Restrictions on Use

Many leases will restrict the use of the building and these are likely to have impact on the reversionary value of the building which might be affected by the damages claim. They may also affect the relevant level of works necessary if it can be shown that the use is no longer commercially viable.



In addition to the repairing and decorating clauses, there is usually an obligation that the tenant must comply with statutes, regulations etc. Some of these are related to the tenant's actual occupation of the building and thus the statutory obligation will cease as their occupation terminates. Such matters could include The Equality Act 2010 requirements and any relevant alterations which may be needed. However some, such as those dealing with fire escape etc., may be relevant to the building itself and should remain on completion of the lease, as they are related to the building itself and not to the use by the tenant.


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