Dilaps Settlement

Dilaps Settlement – What outcome is feasible?

Item by Item Settlement

Dilaps SettlementA Scott's Schedule which outlines each item in the Dilapidations claim will set out the work required and the costs involved to bring the property to the condition set out within the lease.  Sometimes our clients can be confused believing that the condition was that of when they took on the property which is not often the case so reading the lease ensuring you are aware of exactly how you need to maintain and repair the property is essential.


Item        Clause Breach         Remedial Landlord's         Tenants Breach Cost         Landlord's Breach Cost
Number         Number           Work Costs Comments          and   Comments         and  
      Required             Remedy             Remedy          

This process can be a long and drawn out process whereby a Landlord can add lost rental income, insurance costs etc to the Dilaps claim. 

The item by item Scott's Schedule can be looked at in detail with counter costs submitted where the Landlord's Surveyor may have over costed and detail can be examined to ensure they are in keeping with the requirements set out in the lease.


One off payment settlement

An Agreement can sometimes be negotiated whereby a One Off Payment in Full and Final Settlement of the Dilaps claim can be agreed.  A One off payment settlement may mean that matters can be finalised quicker than picking through item by item going back and forth negotiating rather than coming to a financial conclusion swiftly and being able to move on.  Our experienced Dilaps Surveyors can help and advise negotiating a fair figure if this settlement option is appropriate and agreeable to both parties.