Dilaps Process

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Dilaps Process

Dilaps claims are as certain as death and taxes and are costly too

Our Dilaps Surveyors will help you with the dilaps process helping you either before a dilaps claim has been served or if you have been served a dilaps claim. Our experienced, specialised Dilaps Building Surveyors will help by providing:-

No Win No Fee Dilaps service – our Dilaps Surveyors will negotiate hard to gain you the best result for your business – we save our clients thousands and tens of thousands of pounds

Fast and Effective Dilaps Negotiation – we act quickly and understand the procedures set out in the Protocols that need to be followed – our Dilaps Surveyors are all Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS qualified experts.

Detailed Schedules of Condition -  which protect you from Dilapidations claims and limit your future dilapidations liabilities using our unique, tailor made report format.

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Dilaps claim help


.Dilaps reports 0800 298 5424

Dilaps Claim?

We will save you money



Schedule of Condition

Protects and limits claim


Dont put off planning for your dilaps
dilaps are as cerain as death and taxes find out how we can help you
dilaps surveyors negotiate the best settlements
dilaps surveyors up to date on case law
massive saving on dilaps claim
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Dilaps Process

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We will help save you money

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We take away the strain of the Dilaps process

Our experienced and specialised, highly qualified Dilaps Surveyors are here to help take away the stress related with costly dilaps claims. Call us and we will:-

Act Fast

Provide a comprehensive dilaps service

Negotiate and Negotiate again

Get the best business solution for You

Save You money on Your dilaps

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Dilaps Surveyors who act fast

Dilaps Claim Help - Strategic Dilaps Reports

Do you lease a warehouse, office, shop, pub or other type of commercial building?

YES, then Dilaps Surveyors will help you with what is as certain as death and taxes a Dilaps Claim - if you have been served a Schedule of Dilapidations claim call us now for a free consultation 0800 298 5424

Our Dilaps Surveyors are dilapidations specialists and can provide a Strategic Dilaps Report, which will help you save time and money and outline the best way forward with your Dilaps.

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Office help with dilaps

Strategic Dilaps Report

We have many years of helping clients with Dilaps

Download a free example Strategic Dilaps Report below 

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Large Dilaps claims will be vastly reduced

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Dilaps Claim Help - Schedule of Condition

A Schedule of Condition is essential and will limit your dilaps liabilities.

Our Dilaps Surveyors provide detailed Schedules of Condition with hundreds of survey photos, unique survey sketches and action required which will protect You from large costly dilaps claims.

Pre-lease, during a lease or at the end of a lease a Schedule of Condition will help save you time and money.  Free phone 0800 298 5424 today - we will help you achieve you the best solution fast.

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Schedule of Condition

We provide the best Schedules money can buy

Download a free example Schedule of Condition below 

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For no win no fee from Dilaps experts

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Common sense solutions from Dilaps specialists

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