What is a Schedule of Condition?

what is a schedule of condition

What is a Schedule of Condition?

Save thousands of pounds with a Schedule of Condition by understanding what your repair and maintenance obligations are from day one.

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A Schedule of Condition provided by our Dilaps Surveyors is an essential report when appended to a lease. A Schedule of Condition details the property elements at the time of inspection to protect your interests.

When taking on a commercial lease of a property both landlords and tenants should consider carefully what their responsibilities are in relation to the property and their obligations with repairs and maintenance. Our Independent Chartered Building Surveyors are specialists in dilapidations and if you are taking on a lease; are currently leasing or at the end of your lease dilaps advice now will save you time and money.

A Schedule of Condition is a detailed photographic report prepared by our Chartered Building Surveyors, which states the property condition at the time of the survey and reduces time and money negotiating the dilaps claim at the end of the lease.

Put and Keep

When leasing a property the tenant needs to “put and keep” the property in repair, a Schedule of Condition and a Property Report will enable the tenant to ascertain the extent of the works required. A Schedule of Condition will help a tenant understand the condition of the property and necessary repairs at the time of the inspection and repairs that are or may be likely by the end of the lease.

Our Dilaps Surveyors include Action Required within our Schedule of Condition to enable the tenant to understand and budget for work required.


save time and moneySchedules of Condition Help

A Schedule of Condition helps:-

  1. the negotiation process when a dilapidations claim has been served
  2. saves time as the elements of the property are comprehensively detailed
  3. saves money as it protects and limits your dilaps liabilities
  4. professional, clear way to exchange property information in a specific way
  5. assists to resolve disputes with minimum cost and without requiring proceedings

Frequently Asked Questions about Dilaps

No it is not too late but dilapidations will not go away. You need to act ASAP. Free phone 0800 298 5424 our Dilaps Surveyors today we are here to help You
A Schedule of Condition is a legal record of the condition of the property. It is a record of how the property is taken on and when appended to the lease it helps to protect you and limits your liability with a dilapidations claim when you come to leave the property.
Our Dilaps Surveyors would after visiting the property, looking at the Schedule of Dilaps you have been served, the Lease and any other related documents produce a report advising you of the best common sense way forward.
Yes, our Dilapidations Surveyors are more than happy to negotiate on your behalf.
We charge 10% of the amount saved (the difference between your original dilapidations claim and the final amount) less the cost of the Strategic Dilapidations. We save our clients a large amount of money with the costly matter of dilaps claims.
Yes he can and you must also remember dilapidations can end up being far more than the figure on the dilapidations claim you have received as things such as loss of rent, supervision and management of the work etc. can all be added on so the sooner you act the better. Don't delay free phone 0800 298 5424 our Dilaps Surveyors are here to help You
Yes of course. Along with a Schedule of Condition our Dilaps Surveyors also produce a Property Report, which is a detailed structural report from the top to the bottom of the building. A Property Report ensures you are taking on the right property without any major problems helping you to make the right choice.

Do you need help with a Dilaps claim?

FriendlyDilapsAdviceIf you have been served a dilaps claim or are coming to the end of your lease and about to be served one then a free phone call today to our Dilapidations Surveyors 0800 298 5424 will not only save you time and money it will help to give you peace of mind that dilaps experts are working for you and only you with your best interests at heart.  We are Independent Building Surveyors with specialist knowledge of dilapidations and many, many years of experience, being independent we are 100% impartial and work with your needs as paramount.

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