The Dilapidations Handbook

The Dilapidations Handbook by Victor H Vegoda Review

From the Need to Know Series  Published by Lark Productions Estate Gazette


We found the first part of this book very readable, but the case summaries that fill up a few hundred pages to the rear of the book, would be difficult to digest and we felt from our other readings they are often a point in issue, and would not only be subject to the circumstances in question, they would probably be best answered by several cases.  Nevertheless if you have used another book to establish which cases these will be, the case summaries do offer good summaries.
The early chapters work through the people involved with the dilapidations looking at the operation of the dilapidations right the way through to the conclusion.
We like the formal style and found the earlier chapters almost a 'holiday read'!  Although no pictures!  We even felt a hint of a sense of humour.
Chapter 1    Start Here
Chapter 2    For the Landlord
Chapter 3    For the Tenant
Chapter 4    For the Surveyor
Chapter 5    Landlord and Tenant's Fixtures and Fittings
Chapter 6    Preparing a Schedule of Dilapidations
Chapter 7    Preparing for a Court Hearing
Chapter 8    A Scott Schedule
Chapter 9    Comments on Schedule of Dilapidations at the end of Chapter 9
Chapter 10  Arguments between Landlord and tenant
Case Studies represent a further few hundred pages and Extracts from relevant statutes represent another hundred pages.
Sample Section
We would first of all say that we did like the way the book draws you into the dilapidations scenario, looking at the landlord's viewpoint and then the tenant's viewpoint and then the surveyor's viewpoint.
Chapter 6 looks at the preparing of a dilapidations, which is a useful chatty section, worth a read even for the most specialist dilapidations Chartered Surveyor and the most seasoned dilapidations surveyor as a reminder.  This section even looks at a Calderbank Letter, making an offer without prejudice.
Chapter 7 also needs a mention, preparing for a court hearing, even if only it reminds you that court hearings are very expensive, and it details a Scott's Schedule very well.
Review Upon Reflection
An 'enjoyable' read at the start with the case studies taking up a substantial part of the book.  We would ask for more of what is at the start of this book.